Lambda series horizontal PDU



Designed for situations where it’s favourable to have the outlets in the top or bottom of the racks. Racks with dense cable trees that are frequently found in broadcast facilities for example.
These models are easy to install and can be used with any type of rack as they are not dependant on specific mounting support.

The Empalme system

Empalme uses an industrial bus architecture

Instead of relying on the IT infrastructure it’s meant to protect, Empalme uses an industrial interface called the CAN-Bus. This highly reliable redundant bus connects the PDUs and auxiliary equipment to the Empalme Hub using standard CAT5e or CAT6 cabling. Being a redundant bus, interruption at any single point will not break the system. The use of an independent bus allows the administrator to see what’s going on even when there’s a partial or complete blackout and network switches no longer function. The CANbus also saves many switch ports and IP administration tasks, reducing the TCO.

Designed for automation and integration

The Empalme system was designed to be integrated with 3rd party systems.

The Empalme system offers best in class integration features. GPI signals be used with the powerful rule based event system to trigger a number of different tasks. For example to switch one or more outlets or groups of outlets. On the other end, events in the Empalme system such as a power outage, can control GPO signals wired to for example signal lights, buzzers or HVAC systems.

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