System IntegrationOur layered framework offers tons of integration features. If you’d like to use an existing IT monitoring platform, Empalme is the solution of choice. All functionality of the PDUs are exposed through the SNMP interface on the Empalme Hub allowing integration with standard IT monitoring tools like HP Openview Operations. But that’s just the beginning. Our framework is based on an encrypted XML socket interface allowing custom integration with just about any system. If this is not enough, an unlimited number of add-ons can be plugged on top of the XML layer. These can be developed by Thor on demand, or you can write your own. Thor is not afraid of doing custom development. The extensible framework allows us to deliver custom integration solutions within just a few days. Examples are SOAP, HTML(web) and SMS.

On the other end, Empalme can connect to third party systems such as the power meters in the head-end of the equipment room. This allows our software to provide you with even more detailed information, while making your meters manageable through one of the many interfaces Empalme has to offer.

Hub integration model


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