The Empalme Management Console

One intuitive GUI to monitor and control an unlimited number of equipment rooms

The Empalme Management Console allows you to create charts from data points at any aggregation levelThe top level user interface to the system is the Empalme management console. With this rich and intuitive software, one operator can manage and monitor an unlimited amount of equipment rooms. There is no limit to the number of Hubs the console can connect to, allowing follow-the-sun support of IT infrastructure around the globe. Visualization of historic measurement data is possible using charts and statistics at any level (room, facility, site). Drilling down to the equipment room, PDUs and attached equipment can easily be located on a room map. The management console consolidates information about all of your datacenter rooms into one status chart. This view is used by the operator to monitor the infrastructure in terms of power and environmental conditions. Each node in the status chart provides in depth information with one click including charts, trend analysis, and capacity management at the level of a room, facility or site. It also allows an operator to create a so called heat map of the equipment room. This easily identifies hot zones in the room allowing the technician to optimize cooling.

The more you tell the management console about your infrastructure, the more information you will receive from it. This enables detailed capacity planning and problem analysis. The powerful event management system is also controlled using the management console. Here the operator defines rules on how the system should react to certain irregularities. Contingency plans can be defined to prepare for larger power outages. These can then be triggered manually or connected to the management system of a UPS.

The Management Console aids capacity planning by:

  • Illustrating in a graphical manner where the hot zones are in the room.
  • Providing the acurate level of total power consumption on each phase.
  • Providing a list of unused outlets per room or per rack.

It aids facility management by:

  • Showing historical and trend data for electric power and environment conditions (average temperature and humidity over time).
  • Showing the balance between phase loads.
  • Providing statistics on power related incidents.
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