ED1 GPIO Panel


The Empalme system offers best in class integration features. GPI signals be used with the powerful rule based event system to trigger a number of different tasks. For example to switch one or more outlets or groups of outlets. On the other end, events in the Empalme system such as a power outage, can control GPO signals wired to for example signal lights, buzzers or HVAC systems.   The Eδ1 (ED1) GPIO panel is a versatile GPIO panel featuring:

  • 10 channels, configured as in- or output when ordering. Any combinations possible.
  • All channels are opto isolated. Outputs can also be configured with relays.
  • An input channel can be driven by logic voltage levels (0V – 16V max) or open/closed contact, using two wiring schemes.
  • An output channel can provide open/closed contact using relays (240V – 5A max), optocouplers (70V – 150mA max), or logic voltage (0V – 5V), using two wiring schemes.
Wiring Scheme



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