RTL Nederland has recently completed the build of a new Studio in Hilversum, and has selected Thor Empalme PDUs to power it. The new studio is an important asset to the channel named RTL Z that went live at the beginning of September. RTL Z focusses on (breaking) news, Business, Tech, Life and Finance targeting an entrepreneurial audience, and is being broadcast nationwide across The Netherlands.
Studio 14 is now On Air on a daily base with programs like Z Today and RTL Z Nieuws.

The choice for Thor PDU’s was mainly motivated by reliability requirements, Mr Hennephof projectmanager on behalf of RTL, explains. “We tested a competitive product and quickly found that it was unable to cope with the high inrush currents that occur when powering up our video walls. Several relais contacts got stuck blocking the ability to sequentially power up, eventually causing the main circuit breaker in the installation to trip.”
The Thor Eλ1 outlets switch on or off during the zero crossing of the AC mains power preventing sparking on the relais contacts. This minimizes wear on the relais and ensures continued reliable operation. “Due to its modular design, if we would ever have to replace a worn out relais in the distant future, we could easily do so without having to dismantle everything” Mr Hennephof says. “Another important consideration when selecting the Eλ1.”

Thor is delighted to be given this chance to demonstrate how the expertise our engineering department has gained in the broadcasting industry over the past years, is used in every aspect of development of the Eλ1 PDU. It was specifically designed for these high availability environments and we therefore believe it to be a perfect match for this modern new studio and are proud to support RTL Z for the years to come.


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